Relic: The Lost Treasure Podcast

Relic: The Lost Treasure Podcast

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Episode 31- A Banquet of Mystery
November 21, 2018

Kate from Ignorance Was Bliss joins the Relic dinnertable for a six-course-meal of mystery! In this episode we dig into a few unsolved topics concerning food, such as: – Did bad bread lead to the Salem Witch Trials?

Episode 30 - The Woman on the Train
November 14, 2018

The Dorak Affair

Episode 29 - Tales from the Reliquary: A Very Relic Halloween
October 29, 2018

Good evening boys and ghouls and non-binary demonic entities! In this extra long, extra spooky episode of Relic, just in time for Halloween, I have invited 5 podcasts over for a feast of archaeological and historical frights!

Episode 28 – Ghosts of Leap Castle
October 24, 2018

For hundreds of years, County Offaly in Ireland has stood in the shadow of Leap Castle, a place with a wicked and bloody past. One of its violent residents was said to have buried a treasure somewhere on the castle grounds.

Episode 27 - Empty Frames
October 10, 2018

In 1990, two individuals dressed as police officers entered the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston and altered the course of the art world forever. One of the most audacious crimes ever committed kicks off Relic’s Season 2,

Season 2 Preview - "Empty Frames"
October 01, 2018

This season on Relic, we’re taking a look into the darker, dangerous side of treasure hunting: true crime capers, and cursed artifacts that may be better left undiscovered! This preview contains the prologue to our first episode of the season,

Special Report: …Nothing’s in the Box. BUT!
August 01, 2018

Ok, so that was a letdown. Fortunately, there’s another other weird, mystery thing in South Korea that people are wanting to open up now! Probably less cursed, but definitely more controversial!

Special Report: WHAT’S IN THE BOX???
July 12, 2018

Ok, so they found something weird in Egypt, you guys! Could be big, could be less big. Find out what’s going on with the “Black Sarcophagus,” and who might be buried inside (or not). Also, I reveal the theme for Season 2! More Info here: https://www.

Bonus Preview: Everything is Crystals! Episode 1
July 09, 2018

While Relic takes some well-deserved time off, my friend Tom and I are producing an “off season” humor podcast on one of our favorite video game series. You can listen to part 1 of our pilot episode here, and be sure to check out (and subscribe) to the...

Episode 26 – Season Finale Part 2: Blood of the Grail
May 24, 2018

The adventure comes to a conclusion with Relic’s season finale. No other lost treasure has captivated the minds of artists and treasure hunters alike than the Holy Grail. Said to have been the goblet that Jesus drank from at the Last Supper,