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Determined And Committed to Following Their Dreams While Living in a Place Where Most People Do Not Dream- Lepilali and Meleji’s Story.
December 20, 2019

In this episode I interview Lepilali Ngoilenya as we travel to the East African country of Tanzania where he was born and raised and currently resides. Lepilali shares with us the life he was expected to live as a member of the Maasai tribe,

Khadija Siddiqi; A Survivor Whose Fight For Justice Has Paved the Way For Ending Violence Against Women.
December 03, 2019

As seen on The New York Times, BBC, NPR, The Guardian, Agence France Presse, Al Jazeera and several other Arabic language news outlets, Khadija Siddiqi's story has been widely covered around the world due to its moving revelation of current social norm...

America Turns Its Back on Those Who Built It – The Story of Immigration and DACA.
November 17, 2019

On November 12, 2019 hundreds of people from all walks of life found themselves together before the Supreme Court in Washington DC. Supporting each other, sharing stories, and giving empowering and moving speeches. On this day,

“I Was Raised to Never Give Up”. Exposing America’s Broken Immigration System as Experienced Through the Eyes and Advocacy of a Young DREAMer.
November 05, 2019

In today’s episode I sit down with Jose Arnulfo Cabrera to share his story of being a young DREAMer in America and one of the hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients currently awaiting the decision being made on the DACA program that will determine th...

#Purposeful – The Refugee Crisis Through the Eyes of a Former Refugee. A Personal Story.
October 29, 2019

#PURPOSEFULSERIES Today in this episode of the Purposeful Series I interview Aden Batar, who was a former Somali refugee who fled with his family from Somalia during their Civil war in 1992. Over the 2 years that they hid in silence in Somalia Aden ...

#Unbroken – Re-finding Happiness & Hope in Marriage After Infidelity
October 22, 2019

#UNBROKENSERIES In this episode Justin and Jessica both share with us their experience of facing infidelity in their marriage and what it took to find the strength to make it work and stay together. Justin and Jessica met early on in life and shortl...

The BIG VISION of Relentless Minds- Special Episode.
October 16, 2019

This is a special episode dedicated to announce to all current subscribers, and new ones, what the Relentless Minds podcast is striving to create in this world. We have incredibly BIG VISIONS. In February of 2019 the Relentless Minds podcast was...

Surviving One of the Deadliest School Massacres in the History of the World. Peshawar, Pakistan- With Waleed Khan
October 08, 2019

On Dec 16, 2014 a terrible event occurred in Peshawar, Pakistan, which disturbed the country deeply. It's effects were felt across the world and it turned out to be the 4th largest school massacre in the history of the world.

“I Chose Life”. Beating The Statistics of Teen Pregnancy- With Daisy Torres
October 01, 2019

Welcome back, in today's episode I speak with Daisy Torres and her struggles early on in life when she became a mother at the young age of 16 years old. Coming from a family that worked very hard to make ends meet,

Finding Healing And Purpose Through Vulnerability- With Eli Nash
September 24, 2019

Eli Nash is a recovering porn addict who spent 15 years of his life in shame in guilt while he struggled with controlling his addiction to porn. On top of that, Eli had kept a secret from his family and friends for years: that at the age of 8 he had be...