Love Marriage Again with Dr. Chavonne

Love Marriage Again with Dr. Chavonne

Episode 150: Leading with Love

February 14, 2023

Today is Valentine’s Day.

No matter how you are feeling about your spouse and marriage today, I want to invite you to experience and lead with love.

On the podcast today, we are diving into the question, “what would love do?”

I share some of the most common situations and experiences couples encounter that make it difficult to lead with love in the traditional sense - being kind, loving, and reaching out to each other for connection.

If you struggle to lead with love when it feels like your spouse is not making an effort, is too critical, or dismissive of what you feel - then this episode will provide you with a valuable perspective that helps you make sense of your experience and honors your reality. I offer tangible, practical advice that makes navigating these situations so much easier for you.

I dive into the idea that leading yourself with love means you take exquisite care of your own emotions, process what you are feeling, and feel better within yourself first. When you do this, it becomes easier to open yourself up to understand your spouse, and ultimately focus on your goal of having a better marriage. 

There is no better feeling in the world than love. I want you to experience it at higher and deeper levels, not only today, but every day. Use this episode to help you start doing that from the inside out. Join us inside The Marriage UpGrade to master it for the rest of your marriage: