Love Marriage Again with Dr. Chavonne

Love Marriage Again with Dr. Chavonne

Episode 149: The Repair Cycle

February 07, 2023

This week on the podcast I’m sharing with you one of the tools I teach inside The Marriage UpGrade.

While we definitely want to get you to a place where you are arguing less, disagreements will still happen. Sometimes your emotions WILL get the best of you, and so knowing how to recover and repair is an essential skill for every couple.

Tune in as I break down what repairing really is and the MINDSET to make coming back together so much easier. In this episode, I offer the specific thoughts to practice and the exact thoughts that hold you back and keep you disconnected.

In this episode, I mentioned 10 specific reflection questions to use after any argument:

  1. At what point did the conversation turn?
  2. What was I thinking in that exact moment?
  3. How was I feeling? What did it feel like in my body?
  4. What specifically did I react to? What bothered me most about what my spouse did or said?
  5. What thought about my spouse did I form in that moment? How did I choose to see them? 
  6. What did I forget to keep in mind that would have helped the situation?
  7. What could I have done differently to avoid having the argument?
  8. What would I have liked for my spouse to have done differently? 
  9. If I were to rewind things, and come from a place of love, openness and compassion, what would I say to my spouse? What would I say to myself?
  10. What is a lesson learned that I will take with me into the next conversation?

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