Love Marriage Again with Dr. Chavonne

Love Marriage Again with Dr. Chavonne

Episode 132: BONUS TRAINING REPLAY Boundaries to Protect Your Marriage

July 23, 2022

In this episode we are diving into the topic of Boundaries. In marriage, it's so important that you protect your relationship.

There are external boundaries - things outside the marriage that can help or harm your progress,

And things within the marriage - internal boundaries - that can help or harm your progress.

You'll learn exactly what these are and how they show up in your marriage as well as what to do to create a stronger container for your marriage to thrive.

If you find this information helpful and want to be part of a great environment for your marriage to thrive, I encourage you to join The Marriage UpGrade.

You'll work on the thing within each of you that need to change for your marriage to grow, and be surrounded by a community of other couples who are likeminded and working on the same goals with you.

To learn more and to enroll, please visit my website: and see the tab "The Marriage UpGrade."

Enrollment is open until July 29th, 2022.