Love Marriage Again with Dr. Chavonne

Love Marriage Again with Dr. Chavonne

Episode 186: Why You're Not Being Heard

October 10, 2023

So many people struggle with feeling unheard and misunderstood in their marriage.

It's disappointing, discouraging and frustrating to bring issue and concerns to your spouse only to be met with defensiveness, or a dismissive attitude.

This podcast episode takes a deep dive into 6 main reasons why this is happening.

You'll uncover if there are specific things you could do differently to create a win-win conversation where both of you feel good about the interaction.

You'll also understand the things that may be going on with your spouse that prevent them from being able to hear you and respond with understanding, empathy and compassion.

Having this insights and awareness enables you to make the necessary adjustments and create a conversation that's helpful and healing instead of aggravating and contentious.

Tune in now to answer the important question of why you are not being heard.

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