ReEngager Podcast: Ecommerce Email Marketing For Online Retailers

ReEngager Podcast: Ecommerce Email Marketing For Online Retailers

Here’s A Welcome Email Series That Increases Customer Lifetime Value

September 28, 2015

Do you have a welcome email series?

If not, you need one. Without a welcome series, your new prospects will go cold fast. On the other hand, with a well-crafted welcome series, you will engage them immediately and maximize their lifetime value.

Listen today and get an 8-email welcome series that increases conversions and customer lifetime value.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

a welcome series that cranks up conversions and customer lifetime value
the 2-email kickstarter that gets you past the promotions tab and into the inbox
how to indoctrinate potential customers into your brand so they buy more in the long run
how to build trust, rapport and connection with your potential customers
if you should use an incentive to get potential customers onto your list

People on this episode:

John McIntyre

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ReEngager Services
Our episode on pop-ups

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Welcome to ReEngager Podcast for online retailers and e-commerce stores. You're about to discover how to increase sales by 15 to 30% or more with email marketing. If you'd like to learn more about ReEngager and how we help online stores like yours add millions to the bottom line, go to That's

Hello and welcome to another episode of the ReEngager Podcast. I'm John McIntyre, and I'm your host. And today, today the topic is the welcome series. Now it's probably worth stepping back for a little bit, and just recounting what's happened over the last few episodes if you've listened to them.

In episode 1, that was all about email marketing as the opportunity. As what, the value, the potential improvement in your business - or in the business that you work with. What's going to happen when you start to implement these email marketing programs? Now if that didn't get you excited, I don't know what will. So that's where we started. Then we had an episode with, with someone from Leesa. David Wolfe, the CEO. A company that's gone to 45 million dollars. 45 million dollar valuation in just 8 months. Now since then, we've been through looking at cart abandonment, and also pop ups. And also we spoke to Matt Paulson about his email marketing strategy. That was a great, great interview - great episode. Suggest you check that out if you haven't already.

Now today, want to bring some of these concepts together. Because so far - been a few interviews and some broad stroke things. Today I want to get into the welcome series. Which is, this is this is what you're going to send when someone - obviously they sign up at your website. They haven't bought anything, but they sign up. And they're - it's like what's next? Are you just going to blast them with a discount? It's like, "Hey thanks for signing up, here's your 10% discount, bye." And then hit them up with another newsletter a week later, and just get boom, boom. Just smack them over the head with like a, with a big club - like you're a neanderthal. Like boom, boom, boom, boom.