ReEngager Podcast: Ecommerce Email Marketing For Online Retailers

ReEngager Podcast: Ecommerce Email Marketing For Online Retailers

7 Lessons Learned From Sending 10 Million Emails A Month (Matt Paulson)

September 28, 2015

Matthew Paulson is one my favorite people to talk to when it comes to email marketing.

He sends over 10 MILLION emails a month to his database of 275,000 stock investors on his list, so he knows a thing or two about using email correctly.

In this episode, I grill Matthew on lessons learned from sending millions of emails a month and apply them to ecommerce and online retailers. Matthew is a master of using email to get new customers AND delight his current customers and maximize their existing value.

He's also just published a book called Email Marketing Demystified. Listen in the find out more.

In this interview, you’ll discover:

7 lessons learned from sending 10,000,000 emails a month to 275,000 stock investors
the easily-avoidable mistakes Matthew has made along the way
Matthew's aggressive cart abandonment campaign that goes way beyond what most companies do
how Matthew uses email to win back lost customers
how Matthew uses email to maximize customer lifetime value with upsells

People on this episode:

John McIntyre
Matthew Paulson

Mentioned in this interview/episode:

ReEngager Services
Email Marketing Demystified

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Welcome to ReEngager Podcast for online retailers and e-commerce stores. You're about to discover how to increase sales by 15 to 30% or more with email marketing. If you'd like to learn more about ReEngager and how we help online stores like yours add millions to the bottom line, go to That's

J: It's John McIntyre here, your host. This is the ReEngager Podcast, where we help online retailers and e-commerce companies make more money and make more sales. By getting more customers and by making more money from their existing customers with life cycle marketing, with email marketing. This is episode 1, so I'm really excited to get stuck into this. What we're doing today is we've got Matt Paulsen on the line. Matt is a, an amazing email marketer. He's got some campaigns that he's going to share about what he's doing in his business to generate more revenue, generate more sales. So we're going to dive into that and the nitty gritty of how he's sending it. The mistakes that people make. So the end result here, what I want to deliver to you - the listener, is some actionable strategies that you can walk away with and implement today. For the e-commerce store, for the online retailer that you're either working with or running. So we'll get into that in just a minute. Matt, how you going?

M: Good John, how are you?

J: Very good, very good. Good to have you back .I know we've--

M: Yeah.

J: We've done this before on other, different podcasts.

M: Yeah it's a-- I run into e-commerce store owners every now and then, and I ask them, "Hey,