ReEngager Podcast: Ecommerce Email Marketing For Online Retailers

ReEngager Podcast: Ecommerce Email Marketing For Online Retailers

Pop-Ups For Ecommerce: Do They Really Work?

September 28, 2015


Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, you've gotta admit, they've taken over the internet. It's impossible to spend a few minutes online without running into a pesky pop-up offer. Sometimes they offer a discount. Sometimes they offer a free report. Sometimes they offer a free phone call.

The question is:

Do they work for ecommerce and online retailers?

In today's episode, discover if you need to be using pop-ups with your store.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

if pop-ups really work for ecommerce stores and online retailers
whether discounts are the best strategy with pop-ups
what your store needs to do after someone signs up to maximize long term revenue
how pop-ups compare to more traditional sidebar pop-ups
how one store with 44,000 monthly visitors increased their sign-ups by 1,000%

People on this episode:

John McIntyre

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ReEngager Services

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Hello, and welcome to another episode of the ReEngager Podcast. Now first of all, I just want to say - I want to start by saying thank you for tuning in, if you've been listening to a few different episodes now. I hope you've been finding it valuable. If you do have any feedback, please shoot me an email. It's You can also leave comments on any of the podcast episodes on the website at Or even better, I would love it if you could jump over into iTunes - search for the ReEngager Podcast, and leave me an iTunes review. Now in the future I may read these out on the show, so if you do leave a link to your website or business, I will be happy to mention it when I read these out. So, so yeah.

Anyway, let's get into it. Now today I've got a really, really cool topic to talk about - pop ups. Now the reason why I chuckle a little bit there is 'cause some people have a - pretty much you either love pop ups or you hate pop ups. There are people on both sides of the coin. Very few people are somewhere in the middle. It's either like, "Oh I love them, they work really well." Or it, "Oh I really hate those things. They really annoy me." So, the question is, is it worth - are pop ups worth using for online retailers? For people who - for companies that are selling physical goods online and shipping them out.

Now here's the thing. Did you know that most people won't buy on the first visit to your website? It's pretty straightforward, right? Now a friend of mine's very fond of something he calls the 3, 47, 50 rule. And the basic idea is this. 3% of people will buy when they first visit. 47% will buy later, and 57% will never buy-- 50% will never buy, okay? So 3% buy on the first visit. 47 buy later. 50% never buy. Now, if you're not-- What that means, is if you're not collecting leads,