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Reel Time - New Zealand Film Podcast

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22 Billion Reasons for Disney Plus, Cinema and Video Extinctions, And Too Old To Jackass - Reel Time Episode 23
February 04, 2021

A welcome return into 2021, after our end of the year 2020 episode we start with a look back into a couple of questions from last time with a discussion on who actually does die the most in films if its not Sean Bean, and answering Ryan's question on how.

2020 Retrospective Special - Reel Time Episode 22.5
January 17, 2021

Another year has concluded, and what a strange year it has been to be talking about cinema... or the lack thereof... for almost most of the year. In this shorter than average episode year review, the guys sit down to talk briefly about COVID's impact and.

Media Multiverse, Fake Talking Sharks, Free Fresh Reunions, and McChickles - Reel Time Episode 22
December 30, 2020

Welcome back to the last episode of 2020, a year that has not been what anyone ever expected and a time where it was hard to have new movies to talk about when nothing basically opened in cinemas for most of the year! However it has not stopped us from f.

Inadvertent Spoilers, Self Directions, and Jump Scares - Reel Time Episode 21
December 02, 2020

Episode 21 is here finally for your listening pleasure, as the guys sit down once again to talk about all the recent news and other events you probably haven't been paying much attention to. We catch up on stories from the last episode, including how suc.

Peanuts, Popcorn, Punches, And Private Screenings - Reel Time Episode 20
October 18, 2020

Welcome back for our massive 20th episode! After catching up on a few updates since the last episode surrounding how to say Stahelski, and Star Trek's future, the guys decide if Fast and Furious should go to space and if the 10th film should be called "F.

Movie Re-cuts, Mustaches for Babies, And More Than Ten Minutes For Tenet - Reel Time Episode 19
September 22, 2020

Please like, subscribe, share, and enjoy! And as always many thanks to Martin (Rammy) for his wonderful work on our graphics, www.rammy.atWe end the episode with a lengthy discussion on Tenet, which Ryan in particular almost hasn't stopped thinking about.

Netflix Action Movies, Sam Neill's Hat, And Very Lengthy Episodes - Reel Time Episode 18
August 26, 2020

Episode 18 finally makes its way online after numerous delays and complicated issues. Recorded just days before New Zealand went back into a partial lockdown, Ryan and Rob are far too optimistic in hindsight about their chances of seeing some new movies .

Reel Time Presents Shooting Returns, High Concept Cinema, And Bill and Ted's Bogus Delays - Episode 17
July 15, 2020

In the latest episode we look at the industries attempts to move forward in the face of continuing Coronavirus, mostly in the UK, Europe, and here in New Zealand where movie shooting has begun again. We also look into the impact on film releases includin.

The Reel Time Star Wars Holiday Special (Not On A Holiday or about THE Holiday Special)
June 17, 2020

Join us for the guys' latest special which, due to time restraints on the previous episode, has us talking about all the recent Star Wars news as well as all about our thoughts on the way the franchise is in its current state. We discuss the idea of cros.

American Pickles, Dance Offs, and Bags Of Poo - Reel Time Episode 16
June 01, 2020

In this episode, our 16th, the boys sit down to talk about the extreme amount of news to come out in recent weeks as the film industry attempts to climb its way out of the coronavirus set delays and issues and make a plan for the coming months and years .