Reefer MEDness

Reefer MEDness

E84 - Assuage Suppository Trepidation with Sarah Roberts

March 31, 2022

Our co-host, Trevor has an unhealthy obsession with suppositories. You know that guy you never ask, "Hey, what is an NFT?" lest he talk your ear off? Well never ask Trevor, "Hey, what is a Rectal Rocket?" With that background, imagine our delight when we stumbled across Sarah Roberts and her company Cicatrix Labs. They make vaginal and rectal suppositories with cannabinoids in them! People have used these products to treat endometriosis, inflammatory bowel disease, hemorrhoids, pain during sex, and more. Even if you think suppositories are icky, after this conversation, you will find them obsession worthy too. Our My Cannabis Story is Dave Dormer of Cannanaskis, a cannabis tourism company.

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