Reefer MEDness

Reefer MEDness

E78 - Buyer Beware; Buyer Bewildered

November 05, 2021

Do you have a favourite craft cannabis flower? Are you getting what you think you ordered? Think again. While attending the Calgary Hempfest, Kirk and Trevor gathered five Micro Cultivation License holders (plus a surprise cameo contributor!) to discuss the recreational cannabis retail space. The conversation revealed a complicated system of regulations, policies, and red tape which affect their ability to build brand loyalty. Although these passionate growers produce excellent weed, it is surprisingly difficult for their high quality, small batch, hand trimmed product to reach you, the consumer. Packaging, sale by lottery, and ambiguously named SKU's are some of the many convoluted rules of the game. Kirk and Trevor ponder whether the current recreational cannabis system actually prevents us from properly understanding the cannabis product we are purchasing, and how small cannabis producers might eventually break even.

Mark Corrigan, President of Distinkt Cannabis - - @DistinktC on Twitter

Tim Mallett CEO of Alberta Bud - - @alberta.bud.official on Instagram

Rob Wilcox President of Indigro Organics -

Devon Davidson President of Canalief -

Kieley Beaudry CEO Parkland Flower - - @parkland_flower on Instagram - @Kieley_ on Twitter

Cameo by - Jacqui Childs - @JacquiChilds on Twitter and @Childs.jacqui on Instagram

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Bon Iver - Calgary-

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