Reefer MEDness

Reefer MEDness

E43 - Survey Says: Migraines want Canna-bliss

January 14, 2020

If you suffer from headaches, Dr. Carrie Cuttler, Assistant Professor at Washington State University, may offer some insights. This episode explores how migraine sufferers may benefit from cannabis. In her study, this cannabis researcher, uses Strainprint data to track people who use inhale cannabis to treat their migraines. Kirk and Trevor explore her research and also discuss how diminished anandamide levels, an important endocannabinoid, may also contribute to the headache pain.  A deficiency in the `bliss` molecular causes a pain in the ...head?

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Dr. Carrie Cuttler's Page -

Dr. Cuttler's Strainprint/Migraine Study: