#Redbeknowing: Fix you FIRST!

#Redbeknowing: Fix you FIRST!

Latest Episodes

Get a Understanding
January 29, 2022

Understanding hopping from one thing to the next;doing one thing extremely well but discontented with it;also new news with me and my life and business. Evolving into my destiny and purpose

Resurrection Sunday Podcast
April 21, 2019

#Redbeknowing series continues with a special message to all people. No disrespect or discrimination but of love and peace and most of all balance.

Stuck in the mud podcast
April 19, 2019

Description of being truly stuck in the mud

Relationships start with you FIRST
March 18, 2019

Love yourself before anyone else and stories that support Life theory of manifesting abundance and happiness

Letting go of “packrat” ways
January 25, 2019

Decluttering can free up so much mental space and creative space for work! Never hold on to what doesn’t serve your highest potential

Learning to tune into self and tune everything outside OFF
January 18, 2019

Learning we love our friends and family so much we allow them to have say and control of our lives so much to the fact we start dumbing ourselves down due to their own perspectives. In a age of social media ruling we must tune out and turn on our self awa