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Do Hard Things That Matter EP12
September 23, 2022

Thanks for listening, if you like what you hear and want to stay up to date with all the happenings at Recapture Your Life, you can sign-up on the website at https://RecaptureYour.Life If you’ve ever

Simplifying Life Domains For Growth EP11
September 08, 2022

Welcome back. This week we’re going to be talking about life domains, what they are and how they can help us live on purpose. This has been an eye-opener for me. In doing this research, I found that t

Learning To Believe In Yourself EP10
August 25, 2022

This week’s episode is about believing in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself and the ability you have, you’re not alone. They paid me to be a public speaker, and I didn’t like the sound of my

Technology, Dopamine and Procrastination EP09
August 11, 2022

I wanted to do this podcast for a little while because I’m interested in the effects dopamine and our technology has on procrastination. For me, my go to isn’t my cell phone but watching YouTube video

Three Things You Can Take Responsibility For EP08
July 28, 2022

Taking responsibility isn’t easy. We all have things in our past and in our lives that we want to point to and say, “well look at this, if you had this you would be this way.” “If you were born into t

Defining Your Purpose EP07
July 14, 2022

When you are able to listen to your inner voice, Grab a sheet of paper or a notebook and start asking yourself some questions. Do I like what I’m doing now? If you like what you’re doing now, then wha

Achieve Your Goals By Changing Your Habits
June 30, 2022

Creating Better habits Our habits drive us. I talk a lot about knowing our values and living our values. What we value turns into the habits we have. So, anything we repeat for a long period becomes a

Dealing With Your Inner Critic EP05
June 16, 2022

One Of The Best Ways Is To Get Off Social Media Our inner critic wants us to believe that everyone is better than us and that the world is bad. Backing off our use of social media can help tame those

The Road To Personal Development EP04
June 02, 2022

Personal development is an inside journey. It shows us who we are and the true potential we have. Personal development will always change us. What Difference Does Personal Development Bring? We Stop L

Discover Your Core Values EP03
May 19, 2022

We all believe we live by our core values. Most of us have never taken the time to learn about our values. Steve talks about discovering your values and living your life based on them. How Do We Learn