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289. Nurses on the Frontline
May 27, 2023

The Interconnecting Housing and Health Emergencies Please join us at In this Reboot Republic podcast, Rory talks to nurses about how they are being affected by the housing cr

1033. From Darkness into Bleak
May 26, 2023

Please Join us at Listener favourite (and tortoise shack's Royal Correspondent), Professor Richard Murphy, rejoins us to talk about the state of UK politics post-local electi

287. Poverty is Lonely
May 24, 2023

Please join us at Rory's guest this week is Dr Tricia Keilthy, Head of Social Justice and Policy at St Vincent De Paul. They discuss the intensifying cost of living crisis, t

1027. Fixing the Housing Crisis – The View from Spain
May 23, 2023

Please join us at The Financial Times recently covered the "extraordinary" steps the Spanish government were taking to tackle their housing crisis. But are they as good as ad

1039. David Quinn, Defamation and SLAPP’s
May 19, 2023

Please join us at (Note: Released Weds May 17th) Until yesterday our guest, Karen Sugrue, was best known for as an Reproductive Healthcare Activist and an organiser with Toge

1023. The Day After Tomorrow
May 17, 2023

Help us keep the mics on by joining us at Martin has been rather fatalistic lately about the climate crisis. So rather than wallow alone we invited campaigning journalist for

288. Meryl Streek – The Legitimate Anger of a Generation
May 16, 2023

Please join us at In this episode of Reboot Republic, Rory and Tony are joined by music producer and artist Meryl Streek, to discuss the inspiration and motivation behind his

1024. Burning the Amazon With Irish Taxpayers Money
May 13, 2023

Please join us at Did you know that the IDA have paid almost ten million euro of our money to a company that is pumping billions into fossil fuels? It's true. Citigroup are t

286. Is Green Capitalism possible?
May 11, 2023

Please join us at A gendered and inequality analysis of Climate Issues and Policy In this Reboot Republic, Rory talks to Vanessa Conroy, a tutor and researcher in the Departm

1018. Is Our Economic System Driving Political Polarisation?
May 10, 2023

Please join us at Ireland is experiencing an economic boom that would make Jeff Bezos blush, yet we're increasing the working poor at Ebenezer Scrooge percent. What gives? Jo