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RPG Ep 10: HOLT game developer loves Overwatch and PaperMario
March 29, 2020

Jenn met Lucas back in her Microsoft days and in this Podcast Episode - 10 we bring him on as a guest!  Lucas recently held a demo booth for his game - HOLT- and we got a chance to play it.   He is extremely talented and loves his family. F

RPG Ep 9: Why Joe HATES Ocarina of Time and Tim bashes BOTW
February 13, 2020

We are joined by our friends Tim and Joe who are long time gamers to see what got them into gaming and what they play now.    They have been WAITING to be on this podcast to FINALLY determine which ZELDA game is better: Breath Of The Wild or Oca

Our Top Games of the Decade!
January 04, 2020

We're joined by our good friends Shawn & Mae to recap some of our favorite games from the last 10 years! Spoiler alert: Soulcalibur VI is nowhere near any of our lists... --- Support this podcast:

RPG Ep 8: At Home With A Geek
October 16, 2019

Marc (At Home With A Geek) is a New Jersey Gaming Personality. He runs his own Youtube Channel covering all things nerd culture! RPG had the pleasure of meeting Marc at NJ Gamer Con and featured him in our Vlog of the event. He is a down to earth Rap God

RPG Ep 7: Overwatch 222 changes, Sigma and give our thoughts!
August 12, 2019

 BIG UPDATES happening in Overwatch coming soon. We played on PTR and had some opinions on all the buffs, nerfs, 222 and SIGMA!  --- Support this podcast:

#savestate E3 2019 Special W/ Guests
July 08, 2019

This podcast is ripped from our Youtube series #save state where Jenn asks you to DM, Tweet or comment to our social media using #savestate with your HOT TAKE, UNPOPULAR OPINIONS AND THOUGHTS on gaming old and new! We take your thoughts and and respond to

RPG Ep:6 The Wolf Pack NJ: A family brought together by Esports
May 08, 2019

In our most wholesome episode to date we bring you The Wolf Pack NJ. Listen and learn how competitive Fortnite brought together Henry, Michael, Kevin and Diego as a family and how they all got started. We talk what games they started off with, how they do

RPG Special 1: Esports in education and how it is growing!
April 23, 2019

This episode is a fascinating and informative window into esports in the education space.  We take 2 collegiate esports organizations that are paving the way for the future alongside a highschool hopeful making his dreams a reality by implementing th

RPG Ep:5 BeaniezEnt Kenny JonahReads Jonah: Rutgers Esports, Overwatch and What It Takes To Become Competitive!
April 03, 2019

Episode 5 of Real.People.Gaming Podcast brings together two epic Esports Castors, Coaches and Experts together to talk about what got them into gaming, what current projects they are working on and upcoming events they will be attending! Jonah and Kenny b

8 bit podcast [Best of the bit]
March 31, 2019

Welcome to Real.People.Gaming's side Podcast "Bit RPGs" Series! In this episode we go through the best games that the 8-bit generation had to offer us and show how it paved the way for future games.   Join Joe, Jenn, Dustin and eventually