The Really Awful Movies Podcast

The Really Awful Movies Podcast

Really Awful Movies: Ep 56c - Jack Davis and Crypt TV

September 11, 2015

11036916_1597868597120351_2904296831536348793_n.jpg?oh=e5a239b89e7fed361bd6bd7bd36fdb92&oe=567E14AB&__gda__=1450447335_545b9113da3d9c3fa0071960b61e7a55In this special edition of the Really Awful Movies Podcast, we chat with Jack Davis of Crypt TV. Davis and Eli Roth's Crypt TV specializes in free short-form, horror, genre, paranormal and other oddity-based content across social media. They "create something with specific people in mind, for people who feel a bit different."

Their ethos and associated hashtag is "Weird is good," and full disclosure - we're pretty weird ourselves.

We at the Really Awful Movies Podcast...well, we're proud members of the Crypt TV family and we were eager to find out how it got started and what drives content there.

We chat with Jack about the April 15th launch, fans of genre/horror, finding community among fellow oddballs, Eli Roth, tattoos, our favorite serial killers (!) and what surprises the channel has in store for this fall.