The Really Awful Movies Podcast

The Really Awful Movies Podcast

Really Awful Movies: Ep 41 - Prom Night and its 2008 remake

June 13, 2015

prom_night_film_poster1.jpg"The killers are coming!"

In this special episode of the Really Awful Movies Podcast, we compare and contrast Prom Night (Jamie Lee Curtis, 1980) and Prom Night (Brittany Snow, 2008).

Did you go to your high school prom? Is it OK to go stag to your prom? Why are proms so popular?

Prom Night is filmed in our hometown of Toronto. Its remake, was moved to California and didn't have the "accidental" death of a young girl as a backstory.

We talked about whether the 1980 flick holds up. And whether the 2008 version holds true to the original (it doesn't).

Our full review is on the site: