The Really Awful Movies Podcast

The Really Awful Movies Podcast

Really Awful Movies: Ep 86 - My Bloody Valentine 3D

February 06, 2016

Bloodyvalentine3dfinal.jpgMy Bloody Valentine 3D is a 2009 reboot of a Canadian fave, the original MBV from the 80s.

Does the remake stand up to the original?

Instead of a bunch of unknowns, we get Smallville and Dawson's Creek TV stars. Instead of Nova Scotia, Canada, it's Harmony, Pennsylvania.

And the key difference, of course, is 3D. This movie looks bloody awesome with stuff comin' at you, but it also hides a lot of the film's flaws.

We all know the story: Harry Warden, who narrowly escaped a mining disaster on Valentine's Day, comes back to wreak havoc on townsfolk and mine workers alike with his trusty pickax (among other weaponry).

Put on your hard hat and come underground with us as we break down My Bloody Valentine 3D.