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A Vegan Vending Machine Story

June 02, 2021

When it comes to vending machines, vegan options are hard to come by. And one that is filled with all vegan treats is unheard of. Until now!

These two women are taking the world by storm with their new product, a fully vegan vending machine! Listen to find out why they are doing it and the barriers they are breaking.

Introducing CEO’s Gabriella Rubin and Aurellia Cammock the Founders of VEGMI LLC. Gabriella is 24 from Staten Island, NY and Aurellia is 25 from Brooklyn, NY.

VEGMI is a vegan vending machine business that is designed to offer snacking options for everyone. They also launched a global vegan market place in April 2021. Their mission is to save animals, stand up for human rights and help bring income to people all over the world.

Vegan Vending Machine Options

The goal of VEGMI is to replace every vending machine out there. To make grab and go snacks accessible for all, regardless of diet, allergy and perference.

Right now there, are not always options in vending machines for a variety of needs. And if there are, trying to figure it out while looking through the glass at something you may or may not be able to read is downright impossible.

VEGMI has the snacks clearly labeled so that you can grab and go without stress.

The snacks encompass foods that are vegan, gluten free, kosher, soy free, non gmo, organic and more!

Reasons to Have a Vegan Vending Machine

The mission for VEGMI is focused on accessible food for all but it's also about giving opportunity to everyone.

They want to make everyone feel included, so when you're needing that easy quick option there is something for you, no matter what diet you must or choose to follow.

What we consume directly corresponds to how we feel, so we need some healthier options out there for those that want them. And currently, most vending machines do not provide that.

Also, we need access to these types of options in all societies, money or not. We can't continue to sit back and watch our lower socioeconomic neighborhoods not have the same accessibility.

VEGMI also wants to create an opportunity for everyone. The VEGMI vending machines are individually owned, so anyone that wants to start their own business has the opportunity.

Gabby and Auri (we're besties now so I feel like I can call them by their nicknames), want to help people creating an income. Be their own boss and have that residual money coming in.

Things Inside a Vegan Vending Machine

There are so many options for what can be inside a vegan vending machine!

The idea is to allow each person to own their own machines, and then they can make up what they want inside themselves. If they want it all healthy options, then great. If they want it all vegan or all kosher or all organic, then they have the choice.

Some of the types of snacks you can find in a VEGMI machine are:

OreosPotato chipsPretzelsProtein barsBada Bean Bada Boom snacksTrail mixYum EarthPumpkin seedsNutsMade Good snacksHippeasVeggie chipsAnd so many more!

Where to Find Vegan Vending Machines

The idea is to replace all vending machines with VEGMI machines. So truly, anywhere you see a vending machine is a great place to find VEGMI.

A few places that you can find them are:

SchoolsShopping MallsOfficesAuto body shopsGyms Apartment comp...