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Real Estate Right Now

Negotiating and Fixing Items on the Home Inspection Report

September 02, 2022

Ben Perrou and Jay Izso The Inspection Report and Remediation - Real Estate Right Now Show
If there is a stress that both the buyer and seller feel when it comes to selling a home it is the dreaded inspection report. It may be the most common factor for a negotiated housing deal to fall apart. Sometimes the seller doesn’t want to do the repairs requested. And other times the buyer feels like there is too many things on the inspection report and they begin to have second thoughts about purchasing the home.

Nogui AramburoWhat do you do? Well in this episode of Real Estate Right Now, closing manager Nogui Aramburo talks us through the inspection report and how he negotiates the report and keeps both the seller and buyer engaged. Nogui is always open to answering questions you can reach him at or dialing 919-235-0007

North Carolina Waterproofing, Mold Remediation & Sealed Crawlspaces – Remediation and Consulting ServicesThen Ben Perrou owner of Restoration Consulting Services takes his 25 years of experience to walk you through the repair process and relieve the tension and put you at ease that some things are not as critical as others, and to help you be on the look out which are the most important.  You can contact Ben at or