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Real Estate Right Now

Mid-Year Real Estate Update – It’s a Line Dance

June 14, 2024
Dwayne Reese - Mid-Year Residential Real Estate Update 2024- It's a Dance - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso
It is that time of year where we do our midyear “State of the Union” address on residential real estate.

The fact is things have changed. The market is rapidly changing.  Housing inventory, mortgage rates, and more! Things are confusing out there right now. So we need some help.

Learn more about Dwayne ReeceIn this episode of Real Estate Right Now Dwayne Reece Senior Listing and Buyers Expert with Linda Craft Team Realtors talks with us about the “Trends” he is seeing in this mid year market.

Things like, rising housing inventories and what that means, the volatile interest rate situation, builder confidence, and the idea the today’s market is like a dance.

Are you dancing?  Sitting on the sidelines watching? Or are you not even sure what kind of dance their doing out there?

That’s why Dwayne is going to help us sort it out.

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