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Real Estate Right Now

How Buying a Home May Change after the NAR Settlement

June 06, 2024
Kim Crump - How the NAR Settlement May Affect You - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso
If you are in the market to buy or sell a home hopefully you have been keeping an eye on the NAR settlement.

Raleigh Real Estate Listings - Cary, Apex, and Greater Raleigh Homes ...Many people believe that the settlement will only affect real estate professionals, but that simply is not true. In fact, when the dust settles from the settlement (pun intended) buyers may find that they will be paying out of pocket costs that they simply did not have to pay before.

In this episode of Real Estate Right Now, Senior Listing and Buyers Expert Kim Crump with Linda Craft Team REALTORS joins us again to help us understand how borrowing money may change as a result of the settlement.

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