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Real Estate Right Now

Mortgage Update May 2024

May 22, 2024

Chris Coy - Real Estate Mortgage Update 2024 - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso

If you talk to anyone about real estate, it is inevitable that the conversation will come around to interest rates.

And Interest rates have not moved much in the past few months.  If anything they seem to have increased.

We are nearly half way through May of 2024. Interest rates have been the talk of the country. What should you know as we head into summer of 2024?

Christopher Coy | Local Mortgage Loan Officer at TowneBank Mortgage in ...The state of the mortgage industry has been a little crazy to say the least. The rates have stayed high relative to the 3% interest rates we knew just a couple of years ago.

Well to answer all these questions and more, we bring back senior loan officer with Towne Bank Chis Coy on this episode of Real Estate Right Now.

Linda Craft  Team, Realtors, for more than 39 years they have been helping people all over the world protect their dreams and make new ones.

Let’s be honest, most people will never think about the price of the home they purchased and sold…but we all will think about the memories that were made in that home.

The powerful emotions that were in that home.  Because at the end of the day that is what makes the home.

The memories and the emotions of those memories.  The Linda Craft Team continue the tradition of being the “memory makers” by giving the home you are ready to sell the marketing and attention it deserves, and the new memories when you purchase your next home.

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