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Your Air-Conditioner – What You Need to Know
May 31, 2023

Brad Biggs of Biggs Heating and Air, Plumbing and Electrical What You Need to Know about Your AC and Heating Unit As we roll into the summer there is one thing that you probably want to pay attention

Updating the Interior of Your Home to Get the Most Value
May 24, 2023

Its the middle of spring heading into summer. Perhaps you are thinking about putting your home on the real estate market, or perhaps you are thinking about doing some upgrades to your home. When it c

What I Wish I Knew Before I Got Into Real Estate
May 17, 2023

Many people want to believe that going to real estate as a career is easy. But the fact is you spend hours taking a pre-licensing course. Then you must past the provisional brokers exam. Then in two y

Is the Housing Market in a Stalemate? What Should You Do?
May 10, 2023

Recently an article posted on LinkedIn By Tiffany Moustakas, Editor at LinkedIn News posted an article that the U.S. housing market is in a stalemate. She presents a case that there is an increase mor

Is North Carolina a “Pro Buyer” or “Pro Seller” State?
May 03, 2023

If you are moving to North Carolina, like so many people are from so many different states, then you probably are asking the question, is North Carolina a Pro Buyer or Pro Seller state? And the

What Gen Y (Millennials) and You Should Know About Purchasing a Home
April 26, 2023

Are you part of Gen Y a.k.a. Millennials? Or do you work with Gen Y buyers. Gen Ys are very different when it comes to purchases than your previous generations. What should you know when it comes to

Let’s Get Real About the Real Estate Market
April 19, 2023

Lets get real about the real estate market. What is really happening out there? What should you know when it comes to buying and home and selling a home? Not from a Real Estate Professional perspecti

Effects of the SVB Collapse and Real Estate Conversations You Should Be Having
March 26, 2023

We have all seen the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank. There has been a ripple effect for sure, but what does that mean for local banks? And what are the effects when it comes to investing in real

Real Estate Investing 101: Terms You Need to Know and Understand
March 19, 2023

People are still investing in the residential real estate market. Perhaps you are someone who has always considered investing in the real estate market, but you were not quite sure of the terminology.

How Paint Can Affect Your Home Both Inside and Out
March 13, 2023

We all know that painting your home is important. The truth is you need to paint to protect the outside of the housebut it is just not paint that protects the house as our guest expert on this episo