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Season 2 Ep 9: Kevin Britton - Chasing Greatness
April 05, 2019

Kevin is a student at Howard University School of Law(HUSL). He is a person in long term recovery who is chasing greatness and has been a bright light to those who find themselves in a hopeless place. Kevin writes: ”Drawing my inspiration from the writing

Season 2 Ep 8: A.J. Johnson - My Personal Recovery Journey
March 28, 2019

AJ is a strong advocate for recovery. Upon release from Riverside Regional Jail he joined the REAL LIFE program and has not looked back. Along with volunteering for different events that the program has, AJ also works a full time job landscaping and atten

Season 2 Ep: 7 - Joel Elston - “Powerless No More:The Power of Positive Thinking and Growth Mindset”
March 07, 2019

This episode we are joined by Joel Elston to discuss the power of positive thought and developing a growth mindset. We also discuss the potential for misuse of the principle of powerlessness and how that may sometimes inhibit growth and foster a victim me

Season 2 Ep 6: Abbey O'Toole - 'Motherhood, relationships and lasting recovery"
March 01, 2019

Abbey O’Toole is a woman in long term recovery. After spending her teen years in and out of institutions and 12 step programs she finally found lasting recovery after a serious suicide attempt. From the depths of despair and hopelessness she has climbed u

Season 2 Ep 5: Johnny Harrell: “I have to get myself right first”
February 21, 2019

Johnny Harrell was recently released from the Virginia Department of Corrections after serving a 3 years sentence. After coming in and out the criminal justice system for many years as a result of battling a substance use disorder, Johnny made the decisio

Season 2 Ep 4: Daniel Brockington: What is different this time?
February 15, 2019

Daniel Brockington is person in long-term recovery. He is a father,a partner, and an aspiring leader. Daniel has been recently released from his last period of incarceration due to his substance use disorder.  Mr. Brockington sits down with us to discuss

Season 2 Ep 3: Paul & Matt on Occupational Therapy Practices in Recovery
February 08, 2019

Matt Carpenter and Paul Kehrer are Occupational Therapy Doctoral Students at VCU who are doing their doctoral practicum at REAL LIFE Community Center.  Their ideas on how OT relates to the population we serve are very insightful and intriguing.  Today we

Season 2 Ep 2: Upcoming Legislation Discussion w/ Sarah Scarbrough, Anthony Grimes, and David Rook
January 31, 2019

Sarah Scarbrough(REAL LIFE Community Center), Anthony Grimes (The WAR Foundation), and David Rook(TRUE Recovery) are all founders and directors of their organizations that serve people with Substance Use disorder and incarceration issues. On this episode

Season 2 Ep 1 : Jesse Wysocki "Life, Love, and Recovery"
January 25, 2019

Jesse Wysocki sits down to discuss a wide range of topics to include: Life, Love, and Recovery.   Jesse Wysocki is the Chief Operating Officer of The McShin Foundation.  Born in Suffolk, VA, his childhood was spent following his Dad’s Navy career until mo

Season 1 Ep. 10: Maggie's Story
September 05, 2018

Maggie is an active member of the recovery community. She guides women today to bettering their life and getting out of their old life-style; just as she was guided and is continuing to be guided. This is her experience while in active addiction and where