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Authentic Spirituality ~ (True or False) ? Pt 2
January 03, 2024

During the reign of Jeroboam and those kings who succeeded him, Israel became immersed in the doctrines of idolatry, such as the concept of demon possession. ~ The deception of this false spirituality so deluded Israel that they even took part in many of

Authentic Spirituality ~ (True or False)?
September 27, 2023

Since movies are still being made about the existence of demons, there remains some sense of relevance in our culture on this...and you'll find that a large number still believes in it - and so the ideology continues to inform people's thinking on

Point Of View: Is Hating Others A Condition for Discipleship?
August 27, 2023

The concept expressed in Luke 14:25-28 has been troubling for some people because it would seem at first glance that Jesus was teaching hate as a condition for discipleship. But was that the case? Tune in as I explore what Jesus truly meant when he used &

Are We Living in the Last Days? Pt 2
July 31, 2023

When Jesus and the 1st Century believers spoke of the last days, they were, in essence, referring to the closing days of an age that was coming to an end. It was a time associated with ONLY the 12 tribes (Israel) in the 1st Century - the Roman Empire (Gr

Are We Living in the Last Days? Pt1
July 24, 2023

When something tragic happens: increased crime, senseless killings, or even natural disasters. You might hear someone say that were living in the last days. But are we living in the biblical Last Days? In this series, well explore how the 1st Century Ch

Point Of View: Did Angels have sex with women?
July 19, 2023

A few years ago, I heard of a perspective on Gen 6:1-7; it alleged that the terminology sons of God were angelic beings. Specifically, the claim was that the sons of God were divine beings who had sex with human womenas a result, they produced a hybrid

Hey Lucifer, are you Satan Pt4 - (Garden of Eden Imagery)
July 17, 2023

Ezekiel 28 is another set of bible verses to support the traditional story about Lucifer/Satan. Many in the Christian community have been told an interpretation of these texts in various ways: (about a beautiful angelic being named Lucifer who lost his wa

Hey Lucifer, are you Satan? Pt3 - (Figurative Language - New Testament)
July 10, 2023

In this segment, we'll examine how celestial imagery is used in the NT. In Luke 10:18, Jesus made this statement to his disciples: I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven (NKJV).The question is: Was it a sight of the physical eye or perceptual

Point Of View: What Verses Proves that Jesus was the Messiah?
July 05, 2023

Every now and then, I'll highlight a question someone asks me, and I'll share my perspective on it. This is the first episode of People Are Asking!!

Hey Lucifer, are you Satan? Pt2 - (Figurative Language - Old Testament)
July 03, 2023

The king of Babylon was a narcissist with a godlike complex - This selfish mindset was one of the many reasons God burst his bubble by saying: " How you are cut down to the ground, you who weakened the nations?” Another reason for this long-standing