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Real Entrepreneur Podcast

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How to Set A Partnership Up Right... The First Time!
March 07, 2019

Are you considering partnering with someone in your business?  Are you concerned with things being fair?  Are they going to carry their weight?  So many questions about business partnerships and so little places to find answers outside of a

How to AVOID DISTRACTIONS while building a business
February 22, 2019

Episode 002  explores how to avoid distractions when starting or building a business. Matt shares first how to create a vision that is inline with the core of who you are. With this you can build faster and with greater authenticity. Additionally, he

Lessons from my First "6 FIGURE" Deal
February 07, 2019

Whether you spell entrepreneur correct or as I did several times entreprenuer which is wrong, the second you start your business you hope, pray dream of the money you will make.  The unfortunate truth is many never see any profit and many never see a

What's a Real Entreprenuer?
January 29, 2019

Matt's attempts at explaining what this podcast will be all about.Find out for yourself!!!  Is Entreprenuer what you are?  --- Send in a voice message: