Reach - Then Teach

Reach - Then Teach

Dear Hannah: LEarning (Derrick Brown Performs BIG Love at Liberty Church 3L Marriage Ministry Event) (2-10-2019)

December 09, 2019

Dear Hannah,

(I Have Learned To Respect) The Power Of Love".

NOT ...


That "Always & Forever" love.

That "Float On" love.

That "Outstanding" love.

That "Yearning For Your Love" love.

That "Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday" love.

That "Computer" love.

That "For The Love Of You" love.

That "Cry Together" love.

That "You Don't Have To Cry" love.

That "Break Up To Make Up" love.

That "Holding On (Is Very Hard To Do) When Love Is Gone" love.

That "Every Time I Turn Around (I'm Back In Love Again)" love.


Nah ... I'm talking 'bout that "We Both Deserve Each Other's Love" love.

That "Love Ballad" love - feel me?