Reach - Then Teach

Reach - Then Teach

Dear Hannah: LEarning (Doing Too Much - Episode 2 (Oil Changes))

August 26, 2019

Dear Hannah,

The computer is my ultimate weapon.

It facilitates all of my consulting prowess.

It allows me to vertically integrate and manage my operation - as a solo artist.

It is my employee, warehouse, heavy lifting machinery, and consultant.

I am good at repairing and maintaining them, and better than average at using them.

This combo of complementary skills is valuable.

I have made good money repairing and maintaining computers.

I have made even more money providing IT solutions to independent startup schools.

It makes a lot of sense to focus my consulting on providing these solutions to other smaller business clients in my neighborhood.

It makes even more sense to offer these services to small business people that I know.

Here's what I know now ...