Reach - Then Teach

Reach - Then Teach

Dear Hannah: Converse (Repeat 2)

August 06, 2018

(Rebroadcast 1: 3-5-2018)

(Original Broadcast: 3-1-2017)


Dear Hannah,

our conversations
have dwindled into
shouting matches
and "people's court" cases

posts and reposts
of articles that
align with our minds
to which we assign

absolute truth
with no consequences

where we want to prove
that our might is right
your wrong is strong
and always have both our say
... and our way

but civil discourse
- especially between dissenters -
promotes growth

it helps both parties
see that they are

two points
diametrically opposed
on the same circle

and that preservation
of the circle

is more important
than our "points"

check it ...