Reach - Then Teach

Reach - Then Teach

Dear Hannah: LEarning (The Curriculum) (P2PP)

October 30, 2017

Dear Hannah,

My education began when I finished school.

After school, I enrolled in a lifelong curriculum that includes the following classes ...

ministry (serving people)
entrepreneurship (developing solutions that serve people)
stewardship (taking care of relationships, possessions, talents, body, mind, and time)
literacy (reading & writing skills) numeracy (math skills)
language (communication skills)
self-expression (sharing "who you are")
self-identity (knowing "who you are")
analysis & synthesis (solving problems & sharing solutions)

KnowledgeBase is a ministry that has evolved from wisdom earned through lessons learned.

Every year, I take stock of "where we are" with our ministry.

Take the time to take stock of "where you are".