Reach - Then Teach

Reach - Then Teach

Dear Hannah: LEarning (Thoughts On Balance)

May 08, 2017

Dear Hannah,

Being part of a church has helped me to grow - both in my walk with God, and in my understanding of life and people.

Church helped me to wake up, grow up, speak up, and wise up.

The experience has not always been "pretty" - but has taught me key lessons ...

1. Your gifts can become weapons (against you and others) without the BALANCE of healing and accepting, affirming, accountable, authoritative relationships.
2. Hurt people hurt people.
3. Healed people help people heal.
4. People who help people sometimes exploit the people they help - and the people who help them.
5. We are all mentors to each other through shared life experiences - good, bad, and ugly.
6. Your mentor's good works are beacons of light that show you the path; his missteps are clear warnings to you. Take heed.