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Episode 34: Happy Birthday, Composers!
September 23, 2022

This weeks episode became more that I had bargained for I was originally going to talk about one composers birthday but then I realized What if there are other composers born in September? After

Episode 33: On Stage Now – Lacey Johnson
September 16, 2022

Welcome to our monthly episode of On Stage Now, in which I feature artists and bands and play their covers and remixes. This month, I present to you the Keytar Kween of VGM, Lacey Johnson. Classic

Episode 32: Favorite RP/JRP Video Games
September 09, 2022

The party is still going on this month, as I talk about one of my favorite genres of video games: role-playing games. These were games in which to you take on the role of a character, based on a certa

Episode 31: Happy (VGM) Birthday!!!
September 02, 2022

Birthdays, that important day of celebration when your mom birthed you into the world under usual, and sometimes unusual, circumstances. It may have been at a hospital after your mom was driven in h

Episode 30: A VGM Night at the Proms
August 26, 2022

There was a time when video game music (VGM) was considered a niche, something most gamers appreciated but a handful of people enjoyed wholeheartedly. In the last ten years or so, VGM has enjoyed a ce

Episode 29: On Stage Now – Theology
August 19, 2022

Welcome to one of many featured episodes for the podcast, and one I hope to develop as a monthly mainstay. This week, we are featuring works from an artist who does club covers and remixes of video ga

Episode 28: VGM on vinyl (National Vinyl Record Day)
August 12, 2022

Music has been played and stored on various analog and digital media. While most are recorded and played from streaming services, hard drives, and CDs, there has been a recent interest in older techno

Episode 27: Time for Class, Students!
August 05, 2022

If you remember watching a commercial on TV about two kids looking dreadful as their father gleefully fills the shopping cart with pencils, notebooks, and calculators, then you know that summer is abo

Episode 26: A Day at the Beach
July 29, 2022

Summertime is here! The skies are clear, the sun is shining, and the waves are beckoning. That means it’s time to hit the beach. Time to check that list: Summer clothes and glasses? Check. Basket of f

Episode 25: “Bideogemu o purei shimashou!!!” (Let’s play video games!!!), part 2
July 22, 2022

We’re back with part two, in celebration of Anime Expo. This time, we’ll listen to tracks from video games which spawned from anime shows or movies (OVA) and manga. Basically, the anime or manga was c