Episode 123: Four! (National Golf Day)

May 10, 2024

Today, we are celebrating National Golf Day, in honor of that single-player sport that pits you against the forces of nature and physics, with the goal of hitting a small, dimpled ball into a hole that is several hundred yards away, with as few strokes as possible. Sounds easy? Not when you must face many hazards along the way.

We’ll be hearing tracks from golf video games: a franchise series involving a company mascot, a course that is out of this world, and a game with players from other franchises. Of course, we’ll also hear any covers and remixes following each track.

It’s time to tee off, in the hopes of getting a birdie or eagle, but watch out for that sand trap.


National Golf Day



Track Listing

“Putts Theme” – [Mario Golf (GBC)] – composed by Motoi Sakuraba

“Fore on the Floor” – remixed by DarkSim

“Main Menu” – [True Golf Classic: Wicked 18] – composed by Shigekazu Kamaki, Yuzaburo Shimojo, Yumi Kinoshita

“Wicked 18 – Main Menu Theme (Remake)” – remade by Bryan EL

“Alpina Forest – Tournament Match” – [Everybody’s Golf (2017)] – composed by Kemmei Adachi, Yoshio Ueno, Tadashi Yatabe, Hirofume Sasaki

“Everybody’s Golf – OST | Alpina Forest Guitar Cover” – covered by AstraVex


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