Episode 122: Praise the Sun (Sun Day)

May 03, 2024

On this day, May 3rd, we’re celebrating Sun Day (originally International Sun Day). Proposed by Denis Hayes and established by President Jimmy Carter in 1977 by a joint resolution, Sun Day celebrates that shining star in the middle of our known galaxy, the sun. Along it providing light and heat, the sun can be harnessed as a source of power with the use of solar panels.

We’ll be listening to tracks that feature or use the sun: A warrior hunting the vampire that stole his Solar Gun, the blue bomber dealing with robots infected by a virus, and a cursed undead told to be the one that will extend the Age of Fire. There’ll also be covers and remixes to follow each track, including a chiptune demake.

May your days be clear as you enjoy the warm and brightness of the sun…


Sun Day

10 Solar-Powered Characters in Gaming



Track Listing

“Solar Boy Django” – [Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django] – composed by Norihiko Hibino

“Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django Cover” – covered by KokiRemix

“Solar Inferno” – [Mega Man 10] – composed by Yasuaki Fujita

“Solar Inferno [Solar Man Stage] (Mega Man 10)” – remixed by GaMetal

“Centipede Demon” – [Dark Souls] – composed by Motioi Sakuraba

“Dark Souls: Chiptune Demixes – Centipede Demon” – remixed by Crimson Cobalt

Outro: “Devil’s Lament [Medley]” – [Doom] – composed by Bobby Prince, remixed by Lashmush, from the OC Remix album “BadAss: Paragons & Renegades”; requested by Alex The Messenger of “A VGM Journey”


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