Episode 119: Hold, Please…

April 12, 2024

Any person who’s called a company or office has been through this scenario: You’re calling to speak with someone in a department or make an appointment. You may go through several menu options or, if you’re lucky, you spoke with a person who received your call. Suddenly, after punching in the last option or finishing your sentence, you may hear the line click and then a voice say, “Please stay on the line while your call is being transferred…” That blasted music starts playing. You can either stay on the line or hang up.

For this week’s episode, I posited the following question on TwiX and in the Discord channel: What VGM track would you like to hear while on hold? We’re going to listen to many submissions to this question, along with some covers and remixes that could also be hold music.

I hope you’ll enjoy them and consider, if you may, what VGM tracks you’d like to hear while waiting on the line…



Track Listing

“Coconut Mall” – [Mario Kart Wii] – composed by Ryo Nagamatsu, Asuka Oda, submitted by Theology

“Mario Kart Wii – Coconut Mall (Electro-Swing Remix)” – remixed by Flamboyant Obsession

“Croc’s Theme” – [Croc: Legend of the Gobbos] – composed by Justin Scharvona, submitted by Christofer Schenstrom of Gameable Audio

“Croc Theme tune remix” – remixed by Incy

“Clocktowers Beneath the Sea” – [Hat in Time] – composed by Pascal Michael Stiefel, submitted by Vee, The VGM Lover

“Clock Towers Beneath The Sea” – remixed by NoteBlock

“Rainbow Castle” – [Mario Party] – composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, submitted by Alex the Messenger of A VGM Journey

“Yasunoir Mitsuda – Rainbow Castle [Mario Party]” – remixed by PPF

“Science Fiction – Herta Space Station (Extended)” – [Honkai: Star Rail] – composed by Eli.W (HOYO-MiX), from the album “The Rail Unto the Stars, Version 1.0”

“Dogsong” – [Undertale] – composed by Toby Fox, submitted by Sebastian Wolff

“[UNDERTALE] Dogsong REMIX” – remixed by Louie Jenga Music

“To a Distant Place (Overworld Theme 2)” – [Breath of Fire III] – composed by Akari Kaida, submitted by Heat0veride

“Breath of Fire III – ‘To A Distant Place'” – remixed by Veloreon

“Azalea Town/Blackthrone City” – [Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal] – composed by Junichi Masuda, Go Ichinose, Morikazu Aoki, submitted by PocketEleri

“Pokemon GSC – Azalea Town / Blackthone City [Remix]” – remixed by Qumu

Outro: “Light Pollution” – [Dustforce] – composed by Terence Lee, submitted by gamefan44


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