Episode 112: On Stage Now – Lollia

February 23, 2024

Welcome to the February edition of “On Stage Now”, featuring our first vocalist, Lollia.

Lollia is an independent creator of various media. She is known for her covers of music from anime, video games, and popular musicians, along with some original music. She has collaborated with many other artists (such as OR3O) and creators (such as Sleeping Forest).

Prepare yourself to hear covers of your favorite video game, from a voice that is brighter than the spotlight, stronger than steel, and tender as a moment in love…


Lollia (Personal Website, LolliaOfficial YT, LolliaRose YT, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, TwiX, TikTok, Spotify, Apple Music)



Track Listing

“Asgore (Orchestral Arrange)” – lyrics and arrangement by JGeorgeVGM

“Sanctuary” – feat. GenuineMusic

“Lifelight” – feat. Sleeping Forest

“The BADDEST” – feat. ShikiMiyoshino

“Life Will Change” – arranged by Sleeping Forest, from the album “Personified”

“What the Hell (Metal Version)” – arranged by Sleeping Forest; feat. OR3O, MontyVocals, officialkathychan, ChiChiAi, Rachie, annapantsu, adrisaurus, xUnreachablee, Cami-Cat

“Footfalls” – feat. RichardEB, 8BitDrummer, SabIrene, sunaarika

“Tomorrow and Tomorrow” – feat. SabIrene

“No More What Ifs” – feat. insaneintherainmusic; from the album “Personified”

“Don’t Think Twice” – feat. OR3O

Outro: “Monster’s Ball” – composed by Silva Hound, vocals by Lollia; from “Hellava Boss – QUEEN BEE // S1: Episode 8”


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