Re-Engineering Your Finances Podcast

Re-Engineering Your Finances Podcast

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Combatting Popular Excuses For Poor Financial Decision-Making
June 06, 2024

Very often, we see people who know that the financial decisions that theyre making arent the best decisions, but they try to create excuses or explanations for why theyre doing what theyre doing.

Retirement Questions That Every Generation Is Asking
April 18, 2024

Each generation is currently navigating a unique part of the retirement planning experience. With many baby boomers preparing for the transition into retirement and the early half of Generation Z taki

Don’t Make These Income Planning Mistakes
April 04, 2024

Are you planning for your retirement with the confidence that you're making all the right moves? In today's episode, we'll unveil the crucial income planning mistakes that could jeopardize your retire

How One Overlooked Issue Can Sink Your Retirement
March 28, 2024

Imagine your retirement plan as a ship sailing toward a horizon of rest and relaxation. But what if one leak could sink it all? In todays episode, we spotlight some of the single oversights that coul

Retirement Planning Is Different For Women: Here’s Why
March 21, 2024

With International Women's Day in March, its the perfect time to reflect on the progress women have achieved in the financial realm over the past century. Despite this, the path to retirement is not

Answering Smart Listener Questions About Finances and Retirement
February 15, 2024

In this episode, we'll answer listener questions and explore the challenges of living on a fixed retirement income, the timing of Social Security benefits, and the complexities of managing a 401k inve

With Higher Interest Rates, Is “Lazy Money” Still A Concern In 2024?
February 01, 2024

Is 'Lazy Money' still a concern in 2024's higher interest rate landscape? In this episode, we explore this question, examining how the recent rise in interest rates affects the money sitting in saving

Are Your Good Money Habits Holding You Back?
January 18, 2024

This episode might be a bit counterintuitive. Were going to question the real impact of common financial habits. Are the strategies you consider beneficial actually working in your favor? We explore

Will These Apocalyptic Predictions Ever Come True?
January 05, 2024

Weve all heard the apocalyptic predictions about social security, the national debt and other major issues that are supposed to sink the economy. Do any of these predictions have merit in the years a

Easy Wins in Personal Finance
December 28, 2023

Its important to eventually get a comprehensive financial plan for yourself, but sometimes even just a few minor adjustments in your portfolio can make a big difference. Lets discuss a few easy plac