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Jesus Series: Palm Sunday
March 24, 2024

This is a message from our current series I have been preaching on. I pray it encourages and challenges you!Support the Show.

Jesus Series
March 04, 2024

This is a message I just preached as I kicked off a new series in our Church for the month of March. I am simply calling it, Jesus. This series will last 5 weeks, all of the way up until Easter (Resurrection) Sunday. I hope you enjoy it!Support the show

50 Things I've Learned at 50, Part 1
January 05, 2024

On today's episode I begin a new series sharing on 50 things I've learned at the age of 50. I'll hit on 5 of them today, and I hope they are a source of encouragement and inspiration for you. The video of this podcast is also available on m

Exciting Updates for 2024!
December 28, 2023

I am so excited to share with all of you the plans for 2024 for the Bible 365 podcast, Randy in Real Life,and so much more! If you would like to watch this update on YouTube, it has also been uploaded to a brand new channel under Randy in Real Life.Su

Sleeper Cells in the Church, Worthless Shepherds, & Lying Prophets
October 15, 2023

This episode comes straight from a Facebook Group Live video with 200 people. We address some things taking place globally, other related things taking place in the church, and look at some actions steps we can take right now to prepare. Support the show

Before America Dies: an Introduction
March 17, 2023

Before America Dies is a brand series for this podcast that I'll also be blogging from on my website, at randygoudeau.comEach week I'll be recording this series live in my private Facebook Group, which you can join right here:The FactorySupport

Dead Preachers, Cowardly Men, And a Man with Eyes of Fire
March 16, 2023

A late night rant on the plight of our country and what it will take to turn the tide.Support the Show.

Where Are You, God?
February 23, 2023

Today's episode is a short yet very encouraging word for those who are in any kind of pit and need help...now. Subscribe to my other podcast, Bible 365 (available on all platforms)Check out my website at randygoudeau.comSupport the show

This Is Not For You: Thoughts on the Asbury Revival
February 13, 2023

I've been hearing the reports of what seems to be a genuine move of God at Asbury University. I've also read a couple of troubling statements from two totally different camps. This episode is my initial reaction to what is happening at Asbury, a

How to Bring in a New Year
December 31, 2022

On this episode I share 5 areas of my life I like to call, "Personal Inventory" that I look at every November and December, and that have been able to really help me Bring in a New Year so many times. I believe they can be a source of strength a