Random Trek Review Podcast

Random Trek Review Podcast

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59. Turbolift Fistfight! (DSC “Despite Yourself”)
November 24, 2020

Matt and Andrew are off to the mirror universe as they talk about the Discovery episode "Despite Yourself". They discuss Discovery's quick death trigger, Tilt-A-Whirl staff meetings, an Inception level callback and much more!

58. Come to Quark’s, Quark’s is Fun (DS9 “The Quickening”)
November 10, 2020

Andrew and Matt deal with timely stuff as they discuss the Deep Space Nine episode "The Quickening". They talk about memories of Quark's ad jingle, the speed plagues are typically cured in Star Trek, how to pass time alone on a runabout and much more!

57. Hell Hath No Fury Like Kes Scorned (VOY: “Fury”)
October 27, 2020

Matt and Andrew get vengeful and furious as they review the Voyager episode "Fury.” They talk about Jennifer Lien's departure from the show, the questionable special effects, Voyager's time travel destinations, and much more!

Supplemental 6. Looking at Lower Decks
October 16, 2020

Andrew and Matt come at you with a very special bonus episode in which they discuss the recently completed first season of Star Trek Lower Decks! The discussion covers plot arcs and characters, the first appearance of a mimbo on Star Trek,

56. You Give par’Mach A Bad Name (DS9: “Looking For par’Mach in All The Wrong Places”)
October 13, 2020

It’s back to the Bajoran sector for Andrew and Matt as they review the Deep Space Nine episode “Looking For par’Mach in All the Wrong Places”. They discuss the very odd O’Brien/Kira love story, Klingon courting rituals,

55. Dr. Sleepy McCoy (TAS: “The Pirates of Orion”)
September 29, 2020

Matt and Andrew are back in the universe of cartoons as they review the Animated Series episode, “The Pirates of Orion.” They cover the unintended hilarity of Mr Spock, the treaty citation showdown, the notable writer of the episode, and much more!

54. A Star Trek Cougar (TNG: “Manhunt”)
September 15, 2020

Andrew and Matt are back on the Enterprise-D as they discuss the Next Generation episode “Manhunt”. They talk about how forgettable the episode is, some of the wild aliens from early TNG, medical school in the 24th century and much more!

0. Podcasting Where No Podcast Has Gone Before
August 21, 2018

On this first episode of RANDOM TREK REVIEW, Andrew and Matt explain what the podcast is about, discuss the origins of their Star Trek fandom, and their thoughts on each of the Star Trek series. Hosts: Andrew & Matt Editor: Matt Twitter/Instagram: