Random Trek Review Podcast - A Star Trek Review Podcast

Random Trek Review Podcast - A Star Trek Review Podcast

Latest Episodes

82. A Rare Star Trek Snowstorm (ENT “Broken Bow”)
February 15, 2022

Andrew and Matt continue their discussion of the Enterprise episode Broken Bow. They talk about snowstorms, casting choices, modern use of pilot episodes and more!

Supplemental 9. Looking at Lower Decks S2
November 12, 2021

Andrew and Matt try to keep things serious as they review the recently completed second season of Star Trek: Lower Decks! They talk about their favourite moments, episodes, character developments and

80. Worst Security Officer Ever (TAS “The Survivor”)
October 26, 2021

Matt and Andrew discuss The Survivor from that other animated series. They talk about the decent Romulan ploy, the failure of that ploy, subpar security officers and more!

79. Bad Case of BSG Syndrome (ENT “Future Tense”)
October 12, 2021

Andrew consults with future Matt regarding the Enterprise episode Future Tense. They discuss the Tholians, the Temporal Cold War, some bad mystery boxes and more!

78. Prime Directive Prequel (ENT “Dear Doctor”)
September 28, 2021

Matt and Andrew kick off the fourth season of RTR with a discussion of the Enterprise episode Dear Doctor. They talk about movie night, an upcoming directive, sensual cured meats and much more!

Supplemental 8. RTR Turns 3!!!
September 21, 2021

Andrew and Matt don their birthday hats and celebrate three years of RTR! Tune in as they discuss the previous season of RTR, have their third annual trivia showdown and select the first episode to be

77. Spockified McCoy (MOV “The Search For Spock”)
August 10, 2021

Andrew and Matt continue their discussion of Star Trek: The Search For Spock. They talk about the look of the Genesis Planet, use of Klingon language, Vulcan gong sounds and much more!

76. The Best Pubs on the Spacedock (MOV “The Search For Spock”)
July 27, 2021

Matt and Andrew begin their review of Star Trek III: The Search For Spock. They talk about another Jackie Chiles sighting, the greatness of the Excelsior, a major Seinfeld connection, and much more!

75. Klingons Are Coming, It’s Go Time (TNG “Yesterday’s Enterprise”)
July 13, 2021

Andrew and Matt talk about the classic Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, Yesterdays Enterprise. They discuss realistic warp times, the merits of killing Tasha Yar, grisly omissions from the f

74. Cold Shoulder Contest (DS9 “Whispers”)
June 22, 2021

Matt and Andrew treat each other with suspicion as they break down the DS9 episode Whispers. They talk about disdain for Starfleet annual physicals, OBriens coffee addiction, DS9 pillaging the TNG