Random Trek Review Podcast

Random Trek Review Podcast

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75. Klingons Are Coming, It’s Go Time (TNG “Yesterday’s Enterprise”)
July 13, 2021

Andrew and Matt talk about the classic Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, "Yesterday's Enterprise". They discuss realistic warp times, the merits of killing Tasha Yar, grisly omissions from the f

74. Cold Shoulder Contest (DS9 “Whispers”)
June 22, 2021

Matt and Andrew treat each other with suspicion as they break down the DS9 episode "Whispers". They talk about disdain for Starfleet annual physicals, O'Brien's coffee addiction, DS9 pillaging the TNG prop dept and much more!

73. A Rather Hefty Fellow (TNG “A Matter of Honor”)
June 08, 2021

Andrew and Matt exchange places, as they look at "A Matter of Honor," a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode. They discuss Star Trek's lack of adventurous eaters, the best way to enjoy gagh, old school versus new school Klingons, and much more!

72. More Oo-mox (DS9 “Prophet Motive”)
May 25, 2021

Matt and Andrew re-learn the Rules of Acquisition as they discuss the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Prophet Motive". Topics include DS9's beloved dart board, a kinder Grand Nagus Zek, wormhole aliens and much more!

71. A Germophobe’s Worst Nightmare (TOS “The Naked Time”)
May 11, 2021

Andrew and Matt get naked, as they talk about the TOS episode "The Naked Time". The discussion includes the benefits of the tip-up bed, Spock's extraordinary drunk abilities, the lack of quarantine procedures, and much more!

70. Self Oo-mox (DS9 “Bar Association”)
April 27, 2021

Matt and Andrew dive into labour relations as they talk about the DS9 episode "Bar Association". The discussion includes Bajoran Lent, Nausicaan dart games, Odo's response to complaints about station security, and much more!

69. Why Didn’t I Get a Gun?! (DS9 “By Inferno’s Light”)
April 13, 2021

Matt and Andrew discuss the gripping conclusion in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode, "By Inferno's Light". They talk about Jem'Hadar fighting rules, offer some rare praise for Worf, DS9's frequent callbacks and much more!

68. Desperation Dukat (DS9 “In Purgatory’s Shadow”)
March 30, 2021

Andrew and Matt go on a wild goose chase as they discuss the Deep Space Nine episode In Purgatory's Shadow. They talk about Klingon copyright laws, Ziyal's Seinfeld connection, the episode's shocking reveals and much more!

67. Starfleet Issue Crayons (LD “No Small Parts”)
March 16, 2021

Matt and Andrew get animated as they discuss the Lower Decks episode "No Small Parts". Topics include the episode's myriad of callbacks, Badgey's re-appearance, the intelligence level of the Pakleds and much more!

66. Are We All Klingon’ed Out Here? (ENT “Marauders”)
March 02, 2021

Andrew and Matt shore up their deuterium supplies and review the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Marauders". They talk about uncharacteristic Klingons, the lack of booby traps, best one-off Starfleet uniforms and more!