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Ramsay Speak - A Neighbours Podcast

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S2 EP3: Is this the end of Ned as Scarlett returns for revenge? - Ben Hall Exclusive Interview
September 14, 2020

Its 2020, who isnt a fan of Neds Fandangle?! Neighbours Nerds Sam and Alfie are back and theyve got the exclusive you've been waiting for!Ben Hall takes some time out of his busy filming schedule to chat to us about everything Neighbours, from f

S2 EP2: Nicolette's Love Triangle, The Waterhole's Gay Bar Status & A U-Turn On Emmett!
August 25, 2020

Neighbours Nerds Sam and Alfie are back to chat all things Nanny Nicolette and what her move onto Ramsay Street could do for Chloe and Pierce. Plus, Ned has finally started a photo subscription service on Fandangle. Alfie also takes a u-turn on the...

S2 EP1: Buddy Bingo, Canning Character Chuckles & Furlowed Neighbours!
August 12, 2020

This week, Neighbours Nerds Sam and Alfie are back to chat all things happening on Ramsay Street. We get you up to date on what we've been doing in lockdown, what characters have got us smiling and crying plus a game of Buddy Bingo - of course! Alfie

Jane Gets Her Day, Gary Meets His Match And Finn Flips! - Neighbours 35th Anniversary Episodes
March 20, 2020

Sob, it's our FINAL 35th Anniversary Special Podcast episode! What a week it's been on Neighbours and Endgame with weddings, deaths and a whole lot of ass (sorry)! Let's recap the final episodes as one of our favourite Neighbours meets thei

Finn's Little Snake, The FIRST Lesbian Wedding Plus Blasts From The Past - Neighbours 35th Anniversary Episodes
March 19, 2020

It's Thursday's extra special Ramsay Speak Anniversary Week Podcast! Chat all things main show and End Game as Finn's time begins to run out... We see Sky and Lana get married, while Jane looks to get her happily ever after! Join Neighbours

Bye Prue! Mark Brennan’s Happy Ever After and Des Clarke Returns To Erinsborough - Neighbours 35th Anniversary Episodes
March 18, 2020

Happy 35th Anniversary Neighbours! We're raising an Elly-sized glass to our favourite show. Out of the puddle and into the pond, its the end of the road for Prue Wallace.We chat the iconic moments replicated from the very beginning of Neighbours hi

We’re Naked! Gary’s Goodbye? And Toadie Needs To Stay Away From Beaches - Neighbours 35th Anniversary Episodes
March 17, 2020

Have we just seen the last of Gary Canning? Todays daytime Neighbours special seemed to focus on the Canning clan with some brilliant scenes between Prue, Shelia and Paul. Over on the island we saw SO MUCH NUDITY Even more than the Australian airing of

Off To Paradise, The Wedding Expo Begins & Finn Is Unleashed - Neighbours 35th Anniversary Episodes
March 16, 2020

Neighbours Nerds! We're here bringing you an exclusive fireside chat following today's first Anniversary special episodes.We recap both the daytime and 10pm evening specials of Neighbours and what is to come, chat the best bits and tease some s

All You Need to Know Before Watching... Neighbours 35th Anniversary Week!
March 16, 2020

We are BACK! Before we enter Neighbours 35th Anniversary Week, here's all you need to know about the goings on in Erinsborough and who's who.Bigger than ever, Ramsay Speak is your place for Neighbours chat, spoilers, exclusives and a lot of l

Neighbours 2019 in review! The crazies, exits and storylines we loved and loved to hate...
December 24, 2019

We're back for one final episode in 2019! Hear our year-long review of Neighbours, the highs, lows and the moments that we just won't forget. There's Nanny Alice, Chelly, Paul's wives, a Renshaw siege and of course Sonya. It's the perfect way to get you