Raising Christian Kids

Raising Christian Kids

Programs to Help Pass Down the Christian Faith in the Home!

October 31, 2022

“We want kids to know that their home is a warm place, a fun place, a fair place, a safe place; we want to free families up to have fun with the Bible.” -Frank Trimble

Frank Trimble serves as the Director of Training and Consulting for Family Time Training, an organization that offers programs to help families pass down the Christian faith, in the home. Frank is honored to be Kristin's husband and blessed to be Ava and Olivia's father. He hopes to see home discipleship become the norm, instead of the exception, in Colorado and beyond.

"What would just 20 minutes a week mean to your child’s faith? Family Time Training equips and encourages parents to pass the faith to their children by exploring and growing in God’s Word together."
During this episode, Frank discusses his organization, Family Time Training, and how their programs work to train and equip parents and grandparents to pass the Christian faith to the next generation in the home. He shares insight and encouragement for families on how to overcome feeling inadequate in teaching their kids about God and how the programs are very simple. Frank emphasizes the importance of having fun and building relationships as a family when learning about God, and with the programs offered at FTT, families can grow their Christian faith for generations to come!
Learn more about growing your Christian faith as a family here: Family Time Training. Frank's social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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