Raising Christian Kids

Raising Christian Kids

MOMents with Lori & Lee Ann: Drawing Children of All Ages Closer to Christ

September 18, 2023
“There are some parenting trends out there where it’s like, ‘We want our kids just to figure out their own faith.’ And a lot of parents are keying into this… God has put eternity in our heart, but I also believe, and I know this through scripture, that parents are called to talk about faith – we are to lead the way.” -Lori Wildenberg.

Once a month, Lori and Lee Ann will discuss complex topics regarding parenting and disciplining. Lori Wildenberg is a national speaker, a licensed parent-family educator of over 25 years, and an award-winning author of six Christian parenting books. Lori also leads the popular Moms Together Facebook Community Page and Group.

During this episode of MOMents with Lori and LeeAnn, both ladies share wisdom on how we can help draw our children, from the womb to young adults, closer to Christ.

Key Takeaways:

  • For unborn babies in the womb, newborns, toddlers, and young children:
    • Play and sing Christian songs and read scripture to them – children can still receive communication even though they can’t express it yet.
    • Repeat short comments such as “Jesus loves you” or “Jesus is love.”
    • Pay attention to what toys they play with and what shows they watch – have Christian toys and watch Christian shows that you can biblically reference repeatedly as you start to teach them biblical concepts and stories.
    • Envision where you want your children to be when they are young adults – then go backward and create a plan to get them there.
    • Say, “Thank you, Jesus, for this food at every meal and snack.” Nursing infants should hear Jesus’ name, connecting their needs that are being met with his name.

  • For preteens and teenagers:
    • Have casual, organic conversations every day to help them want to open up to you and be able to talk about their faith with you.
    • Talk about when God does things in your life so they feel more comfortable realizing when he is doing something in their lives.
    • Don’t let your kids figure out their faith– the parent’s job is to lead the way and build that strong foundation.
    • Teenagers will challenge parents, which is a good thing, especially when they are asking hard questions about faith and life because this means they’re taking faith seriously.

  • For young adults:
    • Teach them to be resilient to overcome struggles and issues in life so that they can keep their faith strong and prevalent.
    • One of the biggest problems for young adults is understanding people’s suffering, which can cause a big faith crisis.
    • Make sure you stay the spiritual leader for your children even when they don’t live with you anymore – text them good night prayers or reminders to say their prayers every day.

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