This Is Healing

This Is Healing

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028: Healing through the ups & downs Ft. Melanie Legend
August 07, 2019

We forget that healing happens every single day! We are always learning, growing and evolving. That is what makes us human!  The beauty of healing is that there is no right or wrong. Healing means you are still here working towards becoming the...

027: This is how we bless the mess ft. Nissa Howard
July 24, 2019

Meet Nissa - Free-range medicine women, seer, and huntress: I'm big on the magic of AND. I'm big on imperfections and wounded-ness and broken-ness...because they are a part of wholeness. I believe there is medicine and poison in everything, so don't...

026: Tools for healing - juice cleansing & water fasting Ft. Melanie Legend
July 17, 2019

Are you ready to learn some practical tools? I wanted to give you guys something tangible to work with. Today we are going to be talking about juice cleansing, water fasting, & Gerson therapy.  I'm going to give you the info you need to get...

025: The new world psychology Ft. Lana Marconi
July 10, 2019

Are you ready to learn more about consciousness? In order to grow and move upward, we must expand our current understanding.  Today Lana takes us on a journey to further explore the 3rd dimensions and how we can begin moving towards the 5th. Yes!...

024: This is healing Ft. Melanie Legend
July 03, 2019

Welcome to THIS IS HEALING!  We are going to further explore what it means to look at life through a different lens. We will focus on true healing combining the mind-body and soul.  This Is Healing will give you the tools you need to move...

023: The true path through darkness (Part 2) Ft. Daemon Grey
June 26, 2019

Welcome back to PART 2 Ft. Daemon Grey!  If you couldn't get enough, neither could we! Which is why we are back for another episode. Are you ready to dig a little deeper?  Are you ready to change your paradigm and think about things that are...

022: The true path through darkness Ft. Daemon Grey
June 19, 2019

 Today we have Daemon Grey on the show!  Are you ready to talk about heavy metal and horror? The dark underground world is one of healing if you are able to open the doors or your mind and heart. In today's episode, we are going to go deep...

021: Healing the darkness Ft. Melanie Legend
June 12, 2019

Have you heard of yin/yang theory?  We talk about light vs. dark but what does that mean? And how can we really use that to help transform our lives? Today we are talking about darkness from a place of empowerment. A place where we no longer have...

020: Living in simplicity Ft. Niya from Koko
June 05, 2019

Today we have the opportunity to talk to Niya from Koko about ancient Japanese mindfulness! On her journey, she found herself in Japan exploring the culture.  After observing, exploring and researching Niya stumbled upon an ancient practice that...

019: Breathing with purpose Ft. Angelina & Shane Saunders
May 29, 2019

This conversation is going to take your life to a new level, I hope you are as excited about breathwork as I am!  Angie & Shane are leaders in the field of breathwork and share with us today their wisdom on how we can use the breath beyond...