Rainmaker Multiplier On-Demand

Rainmaker Multiplier On-Demand

Sustainable Practice Success, Part 2: Organic Business Development

November 07, 2023

For most successful advisory firms, business development is less of a stand-alone process and more about helping attract advisors who provide quality service that fosters strong client relationships. Host, Jason L Smith, CEP®, BPC, Founder and CEO of C2P and JL Smith, is back with Philip Palaveev, the founder and CEO of The Ensemble Practice and creator of the G2 Leadership Institute. The two continue their discussion on advisory firm best practices for sustainable success, focusing on this unique approach to business development. Together they emphasize the importance of identifying and nurturing top talent to ensure the continued success and growth of your organization. Learn how and why to cultivate motivated, future leaders within your firm to facilitate client relationships that boost your reputation and create a natural source of unsolicited referrals.

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