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Rainmaker Multiplier On-Demand

Coffee Break with C2P: Life Insurance Awareness Month: helping clients understand it’s true value

September 11, 2023

Life insurance carries many misconceptions today that may prevent your clients from purchasing coverage, and many who want to take advantage of its benefits fail to do so before they truly need it. Host Kirsten Schlumbohm, Vice President of Annuity Sales at C2P and our insurance experts are here to kick off Life Insurance awareness month by sharing their experiences and heartfelt personal stories that put life insurance’s true value into perspective. Hear firsthand from our special guests, Walter C. Young III, MBA, RICP®, president of One Strategic Capital, and author of The 5th Option: Why Your Retirement Plan Won’t Work the Way You Think It Will, and C2P’S Sam Doerr, Vice President of Life Insurance Sales, how life insurance can be used as a powerful financial planning tool. Tune in to learn how it can help your clients protect their beneficiaries, achieve their retirement goals, and provide total peace of mind throughout their lifetime.