Raider Nation Podcast - Las Vegas Raiders News and Opinion with Raider Greg

Raider Nation Podcast - Las Vegas Raiders News and Opinion with Raider Greg

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11/11/22 - Show #605: "Jaguars Postgame - Colts Pregame"
November 11, 2022

Show Topics:Segment #1: What is going on with the Raiders?Thoughts on our coaching staff, game plans, team management, and the company line vs what everyone else is thinking. Opinions by Raider Greg and many others. We hear clips from former Raiders p

11/04/22 - Show #604: "Raider Greg shares his feelings after Raiders 24-0 loss to the New Orleans Saints"
November 04, 2022

Show Topics:Segment #1: Raider Greg shares his feelings after 24-0 loss to New Orleans SaintsSpirits are low after the Raiders latest loss, a 24-0 shutout in New Orleans. Raider Greg shares his feelings and opinions on our coaching staff, and the team

10/28/22 - Show #603: "Texans Postgame - Saints Pregame"
October 28, 2022

Show Topics:Segment #1: Where we are, and where we could be goingWe make an assessment of the Raiders at this point in the season. We also hear input from a few other sources such as the State of the Nation Podcast, JT the Brick, Lincoln Kennedy, and

10/18/22 - Show #602: "Chiefs Postgame - Texans Pregame"
October 18, 2022

Show Topics:Segment #1: Raiders at Chiefs PostgameA recap of the Raiders narrow loss to the Chiefs in Kansas City. We also hear from a few other sports news sources, including the Dan Patrick Show, the Rich Eisen Show, and Pro Football Talk.Segment

10/05/22 - Show #601: "Broncos Postgame - Chiefs Pregame"
October 05, 2022

Show Topics:Segment #1: Broncos at Raiders PostgameA recap of the Raiders win over the Broncos in Las Vegas. We listen in on a Broncos podcast (Mile High Huddle Podcast) to see what their pregame and postgame thoughts were, and Raider Greg gives his t

09/30/22 - Show #600: "Titans Postgame - Broncos Pregame, and Special Show #600 Retrospective"
September 30, 2022

Show Topics:Segment #1: Raider Nation Podcast Show #600 Retrospective - A look back to when we started in 2005This is a 33 minute retrospective containing clips from the first few years of our podcast, which reviews Raiders history from those yearsS

09/21/22 - Show #599: "Cardinals Postgame - Titans Pregame"
September 21, 2022

Show Topics:Segment #1:ExpectationsA commentary by Raider Greg on Expectations. What were our expectations for the 2022 Las Vegas Raiders, and how are they living up to them? We also hear a segment from the Rich Eisen Show, from his Top 5 Most Disa

09/14/22 - Show #598: "Raiders at Chargers Postgame, Cardinals at Raiders Pregame "
September 14, 2022

Show Topics:Segment #1: Chargers Postgame BreakdownAnalysis of our season opener vs the Los Angeles Chargers. Raider Greg gives his take, and we hear input from a couple other sources - Sanjit of Las Vegas Raiders Network YouTube channel, and State

09/07/22 - Show #597: "Raiders at Chargers Pregame - 2022 Season Opener!"
September 08, 2022

Show Topics:Segment #1: The Raiders 53 Man Roster for 2022We run through our 53 man roster, and hear clips from a few media sessionsSegment #2: Alex Leatherwood is traded, and thoughts about our 2022 O-lineAlex Leatherwood is traded to the Chicago

08/28/22 - Show #596: "Raiders Undefeated In Preseason for First Time Ever"
August 28, 2022

Show Topics:Segment #1: Making up the Raiders 53 Man Roster for 2022Raider Greg shares his thoughts on some players he would like to see make our rosterSegment #2: Raiders new coaching staff, and how they have prepared the teamThoughts on the job