Radio Free Deimos

Radio Free Deimos

Latest Episodes

Radio Free Deimos E69 – Blueskies
April 10, 2021

#69 - Blueskies, those tiny cities lost in the void

Radio Free Deimos E68 – PC Corporations
December 29, 2020

#68 - Building corporations on a PC scale

Radio Free Deimos E67 – Author Kickstarter interview!
December 24, 2020

#67 a little Christmas preview of the upcoming "Mastered" options and resources guide, soon to launch on kickstarter!

Radio Free Deimos E66 -TTI Town/Author Interview!
December 06, 2020

#66 - HSD Author Emmi and occasional guest Tygon join us to unpack more TTI lore!

Radio Free Deimos E65 – Welcome to TTI
November 15, 2020

#65 - Unpacking some but certainly not all of the weirdness of TTI...

Radio Free Deimos E64 – IRPF Town
October 31, 2020

#64 - Folks and places in an IRPF Town. Although there's not really such a thing as an IRPF Town.

Radio Free Deimos E63 – Welcome to IRPF
September 17, 2020

#63 - Welcome to IRPF!

Radio Free Deimos E62 – Christmas Grab Bag
January 01, 2020

#62 - Christmas and winter grab bag from the HSD community

Radio Free Deimos E61 – Do They Know It’s Christmas
December 26, 2019

#61 - game author Pierce Fraser joins us to talk about some of his signature characters!

Radio Free Deimos E60 – Progenitus Town
December 16, 2019

#60 - a tour through Progenitus Town, and the people and places therein!